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What you can expect in a Pregnancy Pilates Class

21st June 2018

What you can expect in a Pregnancy Pilates Class

Many ladies are unsure of what exercises to do when they get Pregnant and also after the baby is born. Pregnancy Pilates can help you in the run-up to childbirth and after the baby is born.

Pregnancy Pilates classes are good for helping with mobility and stretching, pelvic and core stability, helping you feel and be strong and toned during and after your birth. Also, helping you feel in control as much as you can during your labour with breathing and pelvic floor release exercises. This will help you feel calm and relaxed and also assist with the smooth delivery of your baby. 

Pilates will help you prepare for pregnancy, natural birth, recovery and post-natal period. It is recognised that under professional supervision as a good way for pregnant women to exercise safely. It's always a good idea to check with your medical practitioner prior to joining the class and inform your instructor.

Rosa an established Pregnancy Pilates teacher in South West London. In this blog,  she outlines what you can expect in a typical pregnancy Pilates Class.

When should start a Pregnancy Pilates Class? 

It varies from Pilates instructor to instructor but generally most recommend starting after your 12-week scan. Check with your Pilates class teacher first. Post pregnancy start after your 6-week check as long as your doctor is happy for you to exercise. 


What can I expect in a Pilates Pregnancy class?

Antenatal Pilates classes will differ from teacher to teacher however they will usually cover the following: 

Legs and glutes strengthening. This muscle area to help support your back during the postural changes that take place as baby grows. 

Pelvic stability is essential to help reduce low back and hip pain and to help prevent symph pubis dysfunction. 

Strengthening the upper back and obliques/waist. This includes mobility exercises and stretching pelvic floor engagement and release. Depending on the class Pilates equipment such as bands and balls are used many women like to do the arm and shoulder exercises so they feel toned in the areas that we can work a little harder on.

Pelvic floor release is essential to helping you during labour and helping with the smooth delivery of your baby.

Improving core stability this usually involves standing exercises and on all fours.

Breathing exercises to help you practice and use during labour. You can at least be in control of staying calm and relaxed as much as possible. 

Staying calm in learning how to deal with discomfort and pain in labour.


What is essential during Pregnancy, is that you do not lay on your back to do exercises post for 16 weeks. This is due to the weight of your uterus which can compress a major blood vessel, called the vena cava. This disrupts blood flow to your baby and leaving you nauseated, dizzy and short of breath. 

Pregnancy Pilates exercises.


After having your baby and have got to grips with the feeding and sleep patterns and routine for baby, you hopefully will feel like getting back to doing some exercise. No sit-ups until those abdominals have closed together less than two fingers width as we don't want to strengthen the abdominals in a separated state. 

Post Pregnancy Exercises to do after your 6-week check. Watch Rosa's video on post-pregnancy exercises

You should ease into the exercise gently as the ligaments will still be loose especially while you are breastfeeding due to the hormones. The good news is the videos will show you 3 exercises to do which are safe and which help your abdominals close back together. As well as some stretch exercises that will ease a backache. 

Many ladies feel backaches and tightness from breastfeeding and also bending forwards over baby a lot. 

Post Pregnancy exercises after 6-week check to help connect with the abdominals and stretch out your back and ease aches and pains.



Rosa Reeve has two children, Hugo who is 20 months and Ella-rose who is now 4 and half years. She runs pregnancy and mum and baby classes in BalhamClapham and Battersea South West London. She is a qualified Body Control Pilates Method teacher with 10 years' experience.

Rosa Says “Having a baby is a special time in our lives and ladies often gain close relationships coming to the classes, as you are all sharing new and lovely experiences together, as well as wanting to stay fit and strong during and after pregnancy.”


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Source: Rosa Reeves Pilates Instructor