We make booking the best Pilates classes online easy

12th December 2018

We make booking the best Pilates classes online easy

People are increasingly choosing to book classes using credit and debit cards. Online bookings for Pilates classes have soared in the last year on Pilates Near You up 47%.

Booking classes online is proving very popular

People find paying by card easier, quicker and faster. The cashless society is rapidly catching up on businesses that traditional took cash when booking a Pilates class.

With huge numbers ditching cash for card payments is understandable. The health and fitness industry is not immune to wider trends in society who are adopting card payments.

More freedom to book classes

Pilates is very popular with woman making up 75% of our audience the majority aged between 25-55. Today's society puts more pressure on these women many of whom hold down jobs as well as looking after the home, and kids.

They have to be organised, and the ability to book classes online means they can plan ahead secure a place and just turn up. They don't have to go to an ATM to get some cash out or fill in direct debit forms. Pilates Near You just makes it easy for people to book and turn up.

More flexibility Easy to book

The ability to book a Pilates class on a day and time to suit them is proving very popular. We can see that customers love the easy of booking the support and the quality of the classes they buy. Classes reviews are handled by FeeFo a totally independent company these are real reviews by real people.

Reviews help people booking online. They can read the reviews, and get a good feel for the classes and the teacher.

More time for students

Not only does booking online make it easier for people to book a class it also makes life easier for Pilates instructors. Not having to handle, cash, cheques or back payments is a major advantage. It means that instructors using online bookings can focus on their classes and students.

Result more time to attend to individual student needs.

Commenting on the tend Stephen Auty CEO of NearYou said ”We could see this coming. Back in 2014 having attended a major card industry conference in London it was obvious the card industry was just going to make it so much easier for people to buy-online and pay by card."

The introduction of contactless card payments have lead the way, changing peoples use of cards and cash. The impact on the way people finding and booking Pilates classes has changed substantially in 2018. We are seeing more bookings and more repeat purchases simply because we have made it an easy process to re-book Pilates classes.

I believe that 2019 will see the trend continue, with retail outlets, pubs, restaurants in London now refusing to take cash will drive the use of card payments even more. Evidence is that fewer people are carrying cash and some millennial's are abandoning cash altogether.

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Source: NearYou