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  • GET 5 STAR RATINGS Independent reviews by Feefo

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Time and time again instructors and studios confirm there's no better place to promote their Pilates business.

Sally Mantle, Founder The Body Aware Studio
Recorded at The Body Aware Studio, Glastonbury, 2017

"Pilates Near You is brilliant!" how to build a successful Pilates business. Video

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List your Pilates classes online


Get a fully functioning website linked to a powerful Pilates class database. List your Pilates classes.

Most people today search and check out Pilates classes online. Yet over 50% of small business owners, according to Forbes magazine, do not have an optimised website.

promote your Pilates classes using an optimised Pilates website


Benefit from a search engine optimised Pilates website using the latest mobile SEO techniques.

Fully optimised search delivers results fast on any device. Promote your Pilates classes, events, offers, retreat and holiday information UK wide.

mobile friendly Pilates class finder


Benefit from a fully mobile Pilates website, works on any device. Reach customers anywhere anytime.

Most devices, smartphones and tablets are rapidly becoming the first things people use to surf the internet. Benefit from a fully mobile Pilates website, works on any device.

Promote Pilates classes on social media


Automatically broadcast your Pilates classes to social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+) with one click.

Reach your friends and contacts using our free social media tools. Designed to help you promote your classes and save you time and money.

Powerful Promotional Tools Included

Pilates class marketing tools


Use your smartphone or tablet to update classes; change class availability status; add classes, locations and broadcast your class information to social media and your own website.

Promote Pilates special offers and discounts


Add special offers, or discounts to any of your Pilates classes at any time. You can manage all your class offers through the PNY dashboard from a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

Pilates events and workshops UK wide


You can promote your Pilates news, events and workshops locally AND nationally allowing your news to reach a huge audience of people searching for Pilates teachers across the UK.

Free Pilates class videos


Add videos promoting your style of Pilates instruction. It's a great way to give people taste of your Pilates classes and Pilates workshops.

Sell In Three Easy Steps

NEW FEATURE: Instructors and studios now have the option to take ONLINE payments for classes, events and workshops.
  • Start taking online and mobile payments immediately.
  • Receive FREE SMS notifications when an order is placed.
  • View online orders and bookings.
  • Take payments from your own website and Facebook business page.
  • Apply offers and discounts.
  • Accept all major debit or credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
  • Low card charges only 1.4% plus 20p transaction charge.

5 Star Reviews - NEW

DID YOU KNOW: 88% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase.

Reviews are the most powerful marketing tool today. On Pilates Near You we use FeeFo, a completely independent review system that allows you to get reviews from customers that have booked and attended classes, events or workshops with you.

It's fully automated and doesn't require you to do anything. It couldn't be easier and it's available to you when you activate NearYouPay. Watch the 5 star reviews roll in and see your business grow by up to 25%.

Pilates Near You LIVE Profiles

View LIVE Pilates website profiles for Pilates instructors and Pilates studios.


Case Study - Pilates Marketing for Studios

I set up 'Pure Movement Pilates' over 9 years ago with just a couple of Matwork courses and was advertising by doing leaflet drops, pounding the streets on a regular basis, which I can tell you is hard work and a lot of shoe leather.

When Pilates Near You contacted me over 5 years ago it was the best thing that could have happened. I now have a fully equipped studio running over 40 sessions a week. We run Matwork courses, one to ones, duets and small group classes.

I receive enquiries on a regular basis and at present don't advertise anywhere else apart from my official website and social media. 95% of my clients come via PNY.

I have watched PNY grow from strength to strength and what is really nice is that my business has grown with them. Thanks to PNY and my hard work and commitment of course, my studio continues to grow offering a wide variety of classes for beginners through to the elite athlete.

The studio houses all 'Classical Pilates' apparatus allowing everyone irrelevant of age or gender to experience this wonderful method just how  'Joseph Pilates' would have wanted.

Steve and the team have been brilliant over the years and very consistent. They are always happy to help and advise online and over the telephone, which is so refreshing.

Pilates Near You is very user friendly both to you and most importantly your future clients. It's a piece of cake to use. I have no hesitation in recommending PNY - they are professional and personable.

Thanks guys you are doing an amazing job.

Pilates Studio Case Study Karen Prato
Founder of Pure Movement Pilates

What Pilates Instructors Say About PNY

Pilates Instructor Testimonial

"I have found Pilates Near You to be absolutely brilliant. I only signed up as a temporary measure initially, whilst my website was in the process of being built, but now I would not be without it and have taken up their fantastic annual offer payment option. PNY offers a unique one stop shop online marketing platform as well as delivering a really fantastic support service. It is extremely good value for money, is clearly ever improving, evolving and listening to its customers - and after being the beneficiary of some excellent advice from PNY I am really looking forward to implementing all the ideas that have been suggested - especially the pay online option for my clients! Thank you Steve for your time and help!"
Jane Fletcher - Jane Fletcher Pilates

Pilates Instructor Testimonial

"Pilates Near You has made my job half the size. All of the clients I have received through the website have been keen and enthusiastic to learn, not just bargain hunters like they're searching on Groupon. It's been especially good for acquiring one-to-one students which is a big part of my business. I've found the website to be vibrant, easy to use and navigate. However, it's the customer service that makes the real difference. A product looking nice is all well and good, but if the customer service is poor I wont use it. The team at PNY have gone the extra mile right from the day I signed up to help me. The help I've received has been amazing and as a self employed Pilates business owner, it's exactly what I needed!"
Mehret Hope - Hope Pilates

Pilates Instructor Testimonial

"I get most of my enquiries from Pilates Near You – it's by far and away the best source of enquiries at this point as it rates so well with search engines. Even better that I follow up all the leads promptly to convert 90% of enquiries to students. The website really has helped my business survive and grow. I recommend the website to my Body Control Pilates friends because it works and is certainly well worth the small fee."
Charlie Kelly - PilatesMan

"Pilates Near You is the only source of advertising I need. The reason it works for me is because it has great search engine positioning for relevant local searches. I found this difficult to achieve through my website, however it was easy through Pilates Near You. PNY is by far and away the most cost effective form of advertising I have come across. I would definitely recommend Pilates Near You to any Pilates instructors looking to fill their classes."
Louisa Griffin - The Pilates Rooms Urmston

"Pilates Near You offers great value for money compared to the number of enquiries I receive. It was really easy to set up my profile. If I did run in to any complications it was reassuring to know that the PNY team are very approachable and are always ready to help. They have found a great balance between giving me the freedom to contact clients on my own terms, and offering helpful advice. I would definitely recommend Pilates Near You."
Veronique Coignac - Tring Pilates Studio

"Pilates Near You has brought in a lot of business. I get a lot of enquiries that turn into new students. People are engaging with me and coming along both to my group classes and my one-to-ones. I like that I can connect PNY with my own website and I would definitely recommend it to other Pilates teachers."
Stephanie Bain - Fuschia Pilates

"I would thoroughly recommend the PNY team for their terrific support and if you are wondering whether to give this service a try I whole heartedly say 'Yes, it works for me"
Angela Goodfellow - Inner Body Pilates

"Great customer service. Loads of enquiries. Easy to use. Value for money. Thank you from Approved Pilates!"
Kate O'Neill - Approved Pilates

Pilates Instructor Testimonial

"I have to thank PNY because originally joined with scepticism to on-line advertising in 2011, but I can honestly say it has been my very best business decision so far! PNY generates the bulk of my enquiries, keeping my classes consistently full. In the last 12 months they have progressed dramatically with exceptional google rankings, increased marketing support and improving their website at no extra cost. Well done, keep doing what you’re doing!!!"
Amanda Griffiths - 'Me..time' Pilates

Pilates Instructor Testimonial

"I have been using Pilates Near You for nearly 2 years now and I get more enquiries through this service than through any other marketing means. In a world where flyers through the letterbox are lucky if they stay out of the recycling bin for five minutes, it’s important to have a service whereby the client can instantly find what they want, when they want it, in the most convenient area. Without Pilates Near You I would not have met some of my most loyal clients. It is an invaluable tool for all Pilates teachers, and has greatly benefited my business."
Susanna - Vita Bella Pilates

Pilates Instructor Testimonial

"My Pilates Near You profile has dramatically increased my search engine ranking and has even better results than my own website. My classes are instantly found for searches in my local area and I have received very good enquiries through my profile. I am very happy to recommend PNY to fellow instructors."
Clare Jevons - Somer Pilates

Pilates Instructor Testimonial

"Pilates Near You is a great way to advertise Pilates classes online. I receive a regular flow of enquiries and referrals to my own website through the Pilates Near You website which has really helped me grow my business. The team are very helpful and always on hand to assist with any questions I have. On top of this they are constantly improving the website and send out great advice to help me market my classes. Thank you Pilates Near You, keep up the great work."
Katharine Hunt - PilatesWise

Pilates Instructor Testimonial

"I have been with Pilates Near You since they started and have not looked back. I get lots of enquiries on a regular basis, which makes it all worth while. Steve and the team have always been really helpful and always have time to speak with you, make suggestions or just upload one of those stubborn photos that you can’t seem to do. Pilates Near You is very user friendly both to you and most importantly your future clients. One of the nicest things for me is that I can, if needed just call and speak with anyone in the team rather than just using email, they are always willing to take the time and help you out. They are always looking and listening of ways to move forward and improve their service and I personally have seen them go from strength to strength. I am extremely excited about the new and improved site, which will be massively beneficial to me and the future of my studio. I would have no hesitation in renewing my Pilates New Year subscription."
Karen Prato - Pure Movement Pilates

Pilates Instructor Testimonial

"I have used Pilates Near You since I started marketing my Pilates classes. It initially seems more expensive than other sites but I get a regular flow of new student enquiries. So per client, it works out as great value - unlike many other marketing “opportunites” I have wasted money on over the year. The site is easy to maintain and update yourself so you can keep it fresh - without having to rely on others to do the job. And when you have a problem the help team are quick and efficient. It's a great site and helped me to build my business and reach clients I wouldn’t have done otherwise."
Sandy Scott - Vive ut Vitas

Pilates Instructor Testimonial

"Pilates Near You has really helped me to grow my business. My skill has always been teaching, I don't have much experience in marketing, especially online. Pilates Near You has taken care of all of that for me. I get more enquiries than I ever have before. As a result, it's helped me to move on from teaching in a Gym, to starting my own business and teaching independently. I get regular support from the team via phone and email which I find really helpful and it has proven the best way to reach local people, even in the more rural areas. I would and do recommend Pilates Near You to all other instructors!"
Marion Johnson - Perfect Pilates

Pilates Studio Testimonial

"I have been using Pilates Near You to publicise my classes since October 2010 and quickly realised I needed no other form of advertising to fill my classes. Every enquiry generates an automatic email so potential clients can be contacted promptly and the web pages are easily updated so information remains current. Well done Pilates Near You."
Jane Stevenson - Pilates Instructor

Pilates Studio Testimonial

"We, here at Peacock Pilates, highly recommend PilatesNearYou to all Pilates instructors and businesses. The website is very user friendly and has some great features that really help you to promote your business - photos, videos, news updates, social media etc. It is also incredibly easy to update and amend and, what’s more, you can even keep a track on how many people are visiting your page and how many enquiries you get. I am delighted that Peacock Pilates signed up with PilatesNearYou. It has helped us grow our client base and introduced us to some long-standing and high calibre clients. Well done PilatesNearYou!"
Tania Franses - Peacock Pilates

Pilates Instructor Testimonial

"Most of the traffic referred to my site is directly from the Pilates Near You site. I've seen my enquiries triple since using your site. It's well worth the money, not just for the boost to business but also for your professional advice and ongoing support in helping my business to grow!"
Caroline Skinner - Forever-Fit Pilates

Pilates Instructor Testimonial

"Just a quick note to say how pleased I am about the service offered at Pilates Near You. With your support I’m getting lots of interest from new clients. Mostly all of my enquiries have resulted in people attending one to one’s or group sessions!!!! Good customer service is so rare these days so I appreciate your efforts all the more. One last word was on the actual website profile pages – they are so user-friendly!! I’m amazed at just how easy it is to make amendments and find my away around the system."
Lynn McCulloch - Pilates Instructor

Pilates Instructor Testimonial

"My two years association with PNY has allowed me to differentiate myself, and makes my Pilates classes more unique and special. I have not only had many enquiries but actual prospective clients registering to join my Pilates classes. Another wonderful comment from my clients, was that the website was user friendly. As for the staff at PNY they are accommodating and always ready to give you advice when needed. When I look back on the three years that I have been teaching Pilates and how my clients have increased, my best business decision was signing up with PNY. I can highly recommend them to anyone in this line of business."
Cheryl Chidrawi - Pilates Instructor

Pilates Studio Testimonial

"Pilates Near You has given me great exposure, hundreds of quality leads and lots of new longstanding clients. I'd like to thank the team who are always happy to help and proactively looking for new ways to market my classes. I would highly recommend Pilates Near You to other instructors in London looking to fill classes or expand."
Rosa Whitehead - Pilates Plus Wellness

Pilates Studio Testimonial

"Your website is brilliant. I have tried other forms of advertising and nothing compares to Pilates Near You. Keep up the great work."
The Body Aware Studio - Pilates Studio

Pilates Studio Testimonial

"I've been with Pilates Near You since it started. I like the constant marketing support they give with suggestions on how to make the most of my profile. I've been teaching for 7 years now and I've got more response and new students through Pilates Near You than I have from anything else I've tried. The team are very helpful and the support I get is brilliant, it's exactly what I need. I would definitely recommend PNY to anyone else."
Annette Wright - Wright Pilates

Pilates Studio Testimonial

"I have to say that Pilates Near You is a very good website. I get a lot of referrals through it and I have found it useful. When you set up a business, or you're on your own, it's okay to have your own Facebook or website, but PNY is great because it helps your find people locally. I recommend it to my students who move location and it's a really useful resource. It gives you the chance to be connected to a network of professionals who are helping to make Pilates more accessible."
Sonia Todd - Flourish Pilates

Pilates Studio Testimonial

"Pilates Near You is a very good website. I get a good response from it and it really helps. It's very effective and useful for potential clients. I especially like the customer service and it's great to get an actual live person on the other end of the phone if I have a query."
Sue Kelly - Pilates Instructor

Pilates Studio Testimonial

"PNY is a really good website and I've gained lots of new clients from it. It's an excellent way of building up new business and I'd recommend it to any other Pilates business owners."
Maria Watts - Maria Watts Pilates

Pilates Studio Testimonial

"Pilates Near You has worked really well for me and I've had a lot of postive enquiries through it that I wouldn't otherwise have got. It's been especially good because I relocated to a new area and had no contacts, but have been able to build up new ones. It's perfect. I find it really easy to use and if I used it more, I'm sure it'd work even better. This is a great way to reach new people."
Noelle Parsons - Pure Pilates

Pilates Studio Testimonial

"I really like the fact that it's simple and user friendly. For people who aren't good at technology, it's great. It's been easy to make updates and find my way around the site. The PNY team always keep in contact and provide regular updates and I feel looked after. It's great value for advertising online."
Victoria Bristow – Pilates Boutique Studio Maidstone

Pilates Instructor Testimonial

"Pilates Near You is a great website and I've had a fantastic amount of enquiries through it, with a high percentage of those turning into clients. I'd really recommend this service to other Pilates instructors!"
Cathryn Jaffray - Pilates Instructor

Pilates Instructor Testimonial

"I have been using PNY for over a year now and will continue to do so. I find the service very good. The web based systems are very reliable and were easy for me to set up and manage. I find that the PNY Facebook app listing all the classes sits very well as part of my business page. The customer care for teachers has been absolutely first rate. I have always had prompt help with my questions and queries. And the web reach (SEO) of PNY is absolutely excellent!"
Alison Plant - Pilates Leeds

Pilates Instructor Testimonial

"I was strongly recommended to sign up to Pilates Near You when I started teaching and I do not regret having done so. PNY has been a huge help in helping me fill up my classes and most of those who contacted me through PNY are now part of my most faithful clients"
Victoria Enaut - Body In Motion Pilates

Pilates Instructor Testimonial

"Once I built my profile, I started getting lots of enquiries. Most of my business comes through Pilates Near You and many of my enquiries have turned into long term clients. I find the website easy to use and the regular contact from the team via email is really helpful. They're also very active on social media and are always sharing informative blogs about Pilates."
Vicky Laschallas - Pilates Instructor

Pilates Instructor Testimonial

"I run 10 pilates classes a week and offer one-to-one sessions and I'm really enjoying getting my business up and running. I've found joining PNY is the best way forward. I've tried other free websites and haven't had much response. Pilates Near You is definitely worth the money. I find the website easy to use but when I do need it, the one-to-one help over the phone is very useful and the team is very friendly, polite and supportive. Importantly, each week I'm gaining more new clients and I'm very happy with the profile. I would definitely recommend it to all the pilates instructors looking to grow their business quickly"
Emily Pollington - The Pilates Element

Pilates Instructor Testimonial

"Pilates Near You is very user friendly. I have had a lot of success through the events section, it is easy to set up due to the structured nature of the page. I also like the facility where I can link my profile to Facebook and promote my business through this portal. PNY has a very aesthetic appeal and I am really happy with the service and enquiries I have received."
Jill Robinson - Vitality Pilates Durham

Pilates Instructor Testimonial

"I have used Pilates Near You for 4 years and it has provided me with a steady stream of enquiries with a high conversion rate. It is very user friendly and the support team are very responsive to any of my needs. I would definitely recommend PNY"
Julia Leivers - Pilates4All

Pilates Instructor Testimonial

"I have been using Pilates Near You for just over two years now and the steady flow of leads I have received have all been very good quality. I have a high conversion rate between the number of leads and the amount of people turning up to my classes. A higher conversion rate than many other forms of advertising that I have used. I would definitely recommend Pilates Near You"
Catherine Ogilvy-Stuart - South Devon Pilates

Pilates Instructor Testimonial

"I'm really happy with Pilates Near You and how much business it's generating for my pilates classes. I like how easy it is to immediately respond to clients and the whole system is straightforward to use. I would definitely recommend it."
Rohanna Eade - Pilates Instructor

Pilates Instructor Testimonial

"I am very happy with the service provided by Pilates Near You. Getting regular queries that are genuine and clients who are looking for Pilates. It allows me to set up my classes the way I want to and target the right customers. I'm looking forward to making use of the app version now."
Shivani Kalra - Pilates By Shivani


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