Score with Pilates

19th October 2018

Score with Pilates

Pilates is a growing part of football training and a football teams squad like Manchester United and AC Milan, have incorporated Pilates into their player training regimes. They primarily use to help players reduce injuries, recover faster, and for muscle growth of the players.

If someone had walked into a football dressing room 15 years ago and explained the benefits of Pilates classes they would have been laughed at and asked to leave. Reason being that Pilates has until recently been seen as a female activity.

Times are changing are footballers are adopting the benefits of Pilates classes. Managers and players are increasingly recognising that Pilates can help teams recover more quickly help improve core fitness and improve performance. 

Pilates improves recovery and performance

Football is a rigorous sport that demands rapid speed changes, pivoting, sideways and backwards displacement and jumping motions that combine all these movements. Thus it is inevitable that footballers are predisposed to injury. Football injuries that respond to Pilates treatments are those affecting the lower limbs. Injuries to the upper leg often result from direct blows which may lead to bruising in the muscle area. 

But not only for the injury recovery, Pilates is good also for increasing the performance.

The England Team Players used Pilates 

During 2018 Fifa World Cup the England Team enrolled Pilates Instructor Suzanne Scott, who runs a Pilates Studio with her husband Jock. Suzanne has decades of experience in delivering movement Pilates classes and has a particular focus on Pilates for football, she has developed an interest in how specific movement training can play a role in enhancing performance.

Their job was to ensure that England players were getting the best physical recovery before and after every game. This helped the team outperform what many pundits thought would be a short lived competition for the English team.

Why Pilates is so important in Football

Pilates is professional footballers secret weapon The main benefits on footballers by the are:

1. Re-balance the body, because Pilates is a full-body workout, and can re-establish the body equilibrium.

2. More Power, Pilates improves core stability, this is important in passing and shooting for goal.

3. Improved Upper Body, Pilates increases upper body strength which is important for fending off opposition players.

4. Flexibility, Pilates improves footballers flexibility, strengths muscles and generally makes them fitter especially the upper body.

5. Active Recovery, lower intensity workouts like Pilates enable more emphasis on technique, form, and posture so help the body recover faster.

6. Improve the movements,Football involves a huge range of movements amongst them abrupt starts and stops, twists and turns, changes in direction, jumps, stretches, and slides. Because Pilates works the body through all three planes and axes of movement through most of its exercises, the benefits are all functionally transferable to on-pitch movement.

Star footballers adopt Pilates as part of their training

Premier League teams are adopting Pilates classes to help players recover from an injuries.

Phil Jones, the top defender of Manchester United practices Pilates it to overcome the injury problems that blighted his early years at Old Trafford.

Ryan Giggs, the football legend of Manchester United says that the The Pilates and Yoga are his big secret for become the millennium player. It helped in play for the club up to his 37th Birthday. He say that Pilates helped him to play in 1056 games.

Now he now has Giggs Fitness a YouTube channel and has his won Pilates tutorial DVD's clearly he believes that Pilates is good for players.

Harry Redknapp, ex Tottenham Manager, thought that Pilates could prevent long term injuries, and this is why they had a class before each training session during his permanence with the spurs.

Danny Rose, ex defender of Tottenham practices Pilates. The defender said that the classes were fun and has helped him to recover from thigh and ankle injuries.

Pilates helps International Super Star Footballers stay at the top of their game.

Gareth Bale. The Real Madrid star sees Pilates as away of improving his performance. As a top goal scoring player … it would seem that Pilates has played a big part in getting the ball into the back of the net.

Cristiano Ronaldo secrets to success is, Liquid nitrogen treatment, 3 am. ice baths and... Pilates. Crazy but true. His super-human fitness is built on three pillars: Pilates-based gym-work; rest and recuperation; and diet and hydration. 

He said that he actually has a 'biological age' of 23, and claimed Pilates will help him keep playing until he's 4. Praise indeed.

The key Pilates apparatus is the 'Pilates Reformer'. Via a combination of straps, springs, sliding seat and loops it offers greater resistance that someone's body weight alone would offer them if they were working on a mat with free-weights. And the focus is on the entire core, building muscles that would have been left out of traditional work-outs. 

His ability leap and then hang in the air so often because of his core strength developed using Pilates Reformers.

The Pilates apparatus is also demanding on the mind. There is no ball in sight when he goes through those grueling routines. Ideal.

Sport Specific Pilates for footballers

Pilates is not restricted to super star footballers it can help anyone in the game.

Find a sport specific Pilates instructor or Pilates Studio on Pilates Near You and you could be on your way to Wembley.