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Pilates Reformer classes are equipment based exercises. Joseph Pilates made the first reformer for fellow wounded German prisoners on the Isle of Wight in England. He used beds a camp bed to effectively create a rudimental exercise machine. This helped injured prisoners keep fit and healthy.

After the war he moved to New York and developed Pilates machines which ultimately became the reformer equipment used in many Pilates studios today.

Pilates reformers exercise can be enjoyed at home online via Zoom, in person, in a studio or venue Near You. If you exercise from home you will need a reformer, they cam be purchased online.

Access thousands of Pilates reformer classes both online and in person on Pilates Near You.

What are the benefits of Reformer Pilates?

Reformer Pilates classes have grown in popularity in recent years. Reformers allow instructors to design exercises that target specific muscle groups, to increase muscle and core strength. Clients using reformer machines under qualified instruction reach their core fitness goals quicker.

To get an idea about reformer Pilates exercises visit NearYou on demand videos.

Where can I Practice Reformer Pilates?

Reformer Pilates require users to a reformer or similar machines. Unlike mat classes you will need a machine. If you have a reformer at home you can join online Zoom based reformer classes or watch on demand videos that take you through the exercises.

Most reformer classes take place in predominately in Pilates Studios, a few gyms or leisure centres may offer reformer Pilates but its not common.

Some Pilates instructors offer mobile at home reformer classes. They bring the reformer to your home.

Typically how much does a Pilates Reformer Class Cost?

Reformer classes are more expensive than mat classes. This is because instruction is tailored to your specific needs and objectives. They typically require the instructor to run smaller classes with more personal attention than in a group mat class.

Expect to pay between £25 - £35 per hour online. Because of the nature of these classes they are better booked as blocks so that you can learn how to use the machines and target muscle groups.

Studio based reformer classes are at the upper end of the price scale usually from £35 per hour. Buying a Class Pass is the best option as it gives you more flexibility and are priced competitively.

How long does a Pilates Reformer class last?

Typically, in-person Pilates Reformer classes last between 40 and 60 minutes depending on the instructor. Online classes via Zoom maybe shorter they can last between 15-45 minutes. On demand video Mat classes are usually 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Both Zoom classes and on demand video classes are typically shorter than in person classes.

What should I wear in a Pilates Reformer Class?

Reformer Classes are more structured and can be much more intense than a mat class. Gym wear is more suited for Reformer exercise. Stretch tops, arms uncovered, and stretch pants are fine. Toe socks or similar footwear are advised they keep your feet warm but allow you to stretch, they are ideal for studio or gym floors because they have grippy soles and are more hygienic.

Can Anyone practice Reformer Pilates?

Pilates Reformer classes are suitable for just about anyone. These classes use equipment that is designed to stretch muscles improving muscle strength and tone use resistance. The instructor will assess your fitness, and work out an exercise plan.

The Pilates instructor will set the reformer up for you and will progressively increase the resistance based on your progress. The benefit of Reformers is they can offer a flexible and faster way of toning your muscles than you can in a mat class.

However if you have a medical condition, or are in the early stages of pregnancy you should contact the instructor first, they will often require you to complete a medical questionnaire and undertake an assessment. If you under medical supervision check with your doctor first.

Where do I find the Best Pilates Reformer instructors?

Look no further than Pilates Near You, the website and apps host thousands of the best online Pilates Reformer classes, in-person, and on demand reformer videos.

Pilates Near You website hosts thousands of in -person Reformer classes, which means if you are looking for a local in person Pilates Reformer Class theres bound to be a class nearby.

Just use the search on this page, find a local Pilates Instructor, book a class online and reap the rewards of Pilates. Alternatively, download the NearYou App.

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