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Pilates Classes for Pregnant Women

Pilates classes help pregnant ladies develop greater core strength by strengthening the muscles of the stomach, back and pelvic floor. This should help avoid common problems that can occur such as backache, postural imbalances, low-energy levels and poor circulation during pregnancy.

Pregnant women can attend Pilates antenatal classes however you are advised to check with your GP before attending a class.

Use the search form on this page to find a qualified instructors who offer antenatal Pilates classes and postnatal Pilates classes for pregnant women near you.

What are the benefits of Pilates Antenatal classes?

Antenatal Pilates during pregnancy is a healthy and enjoyable way to exercise, providing you with a greater body awareness at the different stages of pregnancy.

Pilates exercises during pregnancy, are modified to meet the needs of each trimester. As your body changes, physically, mentally, and emotionally throughout each stage of pregnancy and Pilates pregnancy exercises are designed with this in mind.

  • Strengthens core stomach muscles
  • Reduces back pain
  • Strengthens the pelvic floor
  • Improves breathing
  • Maintain healthy weight
  • Strengthen the legs
  • Speeds up recovery

Pregnancy classes also have a social benefit where you can meet fellow pregnant women, socialise, make new friends, as well as learning from each other.

Do Pregnancy Pilates Classes help in Child birth?

Pilates can help you to cope more easily with labour and childbirth because it activates key muscles to strengthen them. Learning how to breathe properly is a key part of Pilates encouraging relaxation, which helps to ease the discomfort of contractions.

Pilates offer a holistic approach to wellness, and prenatal clients need to be strong both physically and emotionally. That’s where co-ordination of Pilates breathing and movement exercises helps during child birth.

Keeping fit and healthy during pregnancy make child birth easier and speeds up recovery.

How can I access an online Pregnancy Class?

Pregnancy Pilates classes are more accessible than ever, online, or via video on demand video courses.

Online classes via Zoom are an easy option, especially if your are house bound. You do not need any equipment other than a computer, tablet, or smart phone. Practice in the comfort of your own home.

Online classes reduces personal risk and are safe to practice at home. Just find an online pregnancy class or course, and book online. Check first with your GP or midwife.

Can I attend in-person Pregnancy Classes?

In-person classes, are available in studios and venues across the UK run by independent qualified Near You Pilates instructors subject to local restrictions, and availability.

Look for the Covid-19 compliant logo before booking a class. Only book where you see the logo and only pay securely by card.

Many studios have restricted class numbers and you will need to book-online in-advance on NearYou.

It’s very important to check that the Pilates instructor is qualified to teach pregnant and post-natal women. You should also discuss any specific medical conditions you have with your instructor and discuss with your midwife or doctor too.

How long does a prenatal Pilates class last?

Typically in-person Pilates prenatal classes last are usually 60 minutes or more depending on the instructor. Pregnancy classes are gentle and run at a slower pace than mat classes.

Online classes via Zoom maybe shorter they can last around 45 minutes. On demand video are usually shorter and are broken down into a series of exercises that can last from 15 minutes to 30 minutes each. Both zoom classes and on demand video classes are typically shorter than in person classes.

Can I attend a Pilates Reformer classes during pregnancy?

Reformers are becoming increasingly popular, pre-natal and postnatal equipment based exercises can be found on NearYou. Studios often use equipment such as stability balls or foam rollers, alongside reformers.

The spring tension used with Pilates equipment such as reformers can support the body against gravity, to work the muscles. The elevated surface of the Reformer and other apparatus, such as the Cadillac is helpful for pregnant women who might find it difficult to lie down on the floor on a Mat.

Postnatal Pilates Classes for new mothers

New mums can attend postnatal Pilates after your 6 week health check from your GP or Midwife first.

Qualified Pilates instructors can help postnatal women re-build their core strength, including pelvic floor strength, which can be weakened during birth, and help regain your pre-baby shape.

Pilates classes can also help with the postural stress on the body due to breast-feeding and carrying around your new bundle of joy!

To find a local Pilates postnatal class near you use the search on this page.

Where can find the Best Pilates Pregnancy Classes NearMe?

Look no further than Pilates Near You, the website and apps host thousands of online Pilates Mat classes, in-person, and on demand videos. Use the search at the top of this page. In person studio Pilates look for the Covid-19 compliant logo before booking a class. Only book where you see the logo and only pay securely by card.

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