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View FREE Pilates Class videos on Pilates Near You TV. Watch Pilates videos created by professional Pilates instructors and Pilates studios in the UK. Learn about Pilates for beginners, introduction to Pilates, Pilates works outs, Pilates intermediate work outs, advanced Pilates, Pilates pregnancy exercises and studio work outs using equipment.

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Perfect Pilates

Baseline Standing Postural Exercise
Although this video is categorised for beginners, it is actually good for all levels. Great for finding neutral spine, strengthening core, legs, bum. Flatten your tummy and improve breathing. Grow taller. Do this whenever you think of it and as often as you can! Join a class to find out how you can progress this.

The Pilates Element

The Pilates Element Studio
Studio Equipment. Also available Hot Stone Therapy.

Hope Pilates

Men's reformer
JOIN US Improve your Stability, Flexibility and Stamina. REFORMYOURCORE

Total Pilates

Pilates Pelvic Stability Exercises for Beginners
Basic pelvic stability exercises to focus on control of the core abdominal muscles.

Ana Carvalho

Feet in straps
Feet in straps

Pilotties Pilates

One leg Circles
The One leg circles - Here's the class working on their leg circles. Keeping the hips square and anchored to the mat. This exercise is for hip mobility and the aim is to maintain stability, lengthen the leg and free the hip. Modify for beginners by bending the legs and work up from there.
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