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View FREE Pilates Class videos on Pilates Near You TV. Watch Pilates videos created by professional Pilates instructors and Pilates studios in the UK. Learn about Pilates for beginners, introduction to Pilates, Pilates works outs, Pilates intermediate work outs, advanced Pilates, Pilates pregnancy exercises and studio work outs using equipment.

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Everybody Pilates Stourbridge

Backstroke and Teaser on the Reformer
The Reformer - Long Box - Backstroke and Teaser Level: Intermediate Reps: 3 reps of each exercise in each direction! Why: The backstroke brings it back to the abs as you work on your movement and connections. The teaser will challenge your balance and reaching into those straps to get a deeper connection to the abs!

Forever- Fit Pilates

Pilates with Weights
Add some 1kg weights to your pilates session to help tone and define your upper body.

Pilates Body Awareness

Chris Hocking teaching at the Urdang Academy
These are excerpts from a DVD produced for Pilates Body Awareness in 2007. The complete video describes 21 exercises, and was produced to assist students with home practice. The school celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.


Pilates for everyone. Beginner to Advanced. We specialise in clinical Pilates and can adapt and modify exercises for individual needs.

Ana Carvalho

Pilates For Pole
Pilates for Pole, focus class and courses of six weeks working and different aspect of strength and mobility

Ana Carvalho

Pilates training for handstands
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