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View FREE Pilates Class videos on Pilates Near You TV. Watch Pilates videos created by professional Pilates instructors and Pilates studios in the UK. Learn about Pilates for beginners, introduction to Pilates, Pilates works outs, Pilates intermediate work outs, advanced Pilates, Pilates pregnancy exercises and studio work outs using equipment.

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Ana Carvalho

Arm circles
shoulder mobility and strength


Best Pilates Video for a Leaner, Longer, Stronger Body
DEMO! We bring you an exclusive full body pilates workout that will make you leaner, longer and stronger in no time at all! Give it a try three times a week to see best results!

The Pilates Pod

What happens in a Pilates 1:1?
Learn Faster, work smarter with 1:1 Pilates. The Pilates Method is much more than just Matwork. In your 1:1 or private 1:2 duet sessions, you will be working on the Reformer repertoire for the bulk of your session to "reform you", with fine tuning on small props like arc barrels, hand weights, fit balls, bands, rollers, magic circles to help you improve your body issues, plus of course the important Matwork for you to continue the work at home! It's a workout!

Ana Carvalho

Handstand Dance
Pilates can be a great tool for handstand practice. Its is easier than you think , on our workshops the only pre requisite is to hold a 1 minute plank. See you in class! Ana Carvalho

Lovick Pilates

Oblique twists
Oblique twists in c-curve. Great to tone and tighten your waist.

Pilates With Sara Pugh

Example of some exercises in class
A sample of exercises that I teach and this features my fellow Pilates instructor Ria demonstrating the movements
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