Pilates Trends For 2018

22nd December 2017

Pilates Trends For 2018
Over the last year we have seen the demand for Pilates classes and workshops grow. People enjoy Pilates classes because they are reasonably priced, you don't need an expensive gym membership, and they are widely available. With thousands of local Pilates classes, there is a lot of choice!

Trending Pilates Styles in 2018

Mat Classes

Mat classes continue to be the most popular form of Pilates. These classes cover the core elements of Pilates. Many Pilates instructors offer very good value for money! Since there is a lot of competition, the prices are very competitive. Prices range from as little as £8 a class!

No special clothing or footwear is required, and mats can be purchased from as little as £20 if they're not provided by the instructor.

With the budget of consumers tightening, Pilates classes offer great value and flexibility without the need for expensive memberships at big box gyms. Its low entry price and good quality instruction will continue to see this activity grow.

One to One Pilates

The amount of people looking for Personal Pilates Classes has grown significantly in 2017. These classes focus very much on receiving personal, tailored attention, and the price reflects this. Personal lessons can take place in boutique studios, small studios, and a growing number of instructors are prepared to visit customers in their own homes or place of work.

Easy access to high quality, personal 1-2-1 Pilates Classes is a big factor in its popularity. People are clearly prepared to pay for personal training, and price seems not to be an issue.

Expect to pay anything from £70-150 per class in London, and in other regions the price sits at approximately £30-50 per one-to-one class.

Pilates Pregnancy Classes

There has been a strong growth in Pilates pregnancy classes, as women see the benefits of Pre and Post-natal Pilates classes. These classes can benefit expecting mothers running up to birthing, and help them to get their body back in shape postpartum.

Class prices are reasonable and the benefits are huge.

Pilates Reformer and Pilates Equipment Classes

The rise of equipment based Pilates classes continues. In 2017 we saw a big growth in boutique Pilates studios in London and the South East. State of the art health and fitness studios run by independent business owners are springing up across the UK.

Boutique Pilates studios are competing against big box gyms and are investing in high quality Pilates equipment, machines and state of the art facilities with the aim of attracting people from the bland gym offering.

Quality of instruction is very important to these establishments. These classes are often slightly more expensive, but offer new challenges.

New Entrants

Hot Pilates classes make an appearance. They are a derivative from Hot yoga. Exercise in an environment with controlled temperature and humidity to help get the sweat on. Traditional Pilates instructors may be horrified by the notion, but will be making an appearance in the New Year.

Barre Pilates and other forms are growing in popularity, along with Pilates for Men. Pilates isn't just for the ladies. It has loads of health benefits for everyone, and a number of British athletes, racing drivers, tennis players and footballers use it for rehabilitation and remedial purposes.

A growing number of Pilates instructors are keen to grow this market, and we can expect to see more male-only classes appearing in 2018.

Clothing Trends

Loose fitting clothes is the order of the day! Bright primary colors, psychedelic pants, and mats to match will be a prominent feature in Pilates classes in 2018.

ToeSox are becoming popular, giving you a hygienic (and warm!) barrier between your feet and the floor. More people are buying and using ToeSox to keep feet clean and warm.

The Future

Continued growth is to be expected in 2018, with the independent studios offering a competitively priced alternative to gym based exercise. Regular attendances are going up, and good quality of teaching is on offer.

The new boutique Pilates studios will also chip away at the big gyms, stealing their wealthier customers. However, this won't impact them too much as they are more interested in taking the monthly fees than how much their facilities are being used.

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