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Pilates Near You Launches NearYouPay

1st February 2016

Pilates Near You Launches NearYouPay
NearYou websites are delighted to announce the launch of 'NearYouPAY' across its four UK websites.

Booking your place in a Pilates class online has been made even simpler thanks to the freshly launched online service. Pilates Near You can now accept online payments from Mastercard, Visa and Amex and will enable customers to make payments from mobile and tablet devices anywhere, anytime.

'NearYouPay' will make it easy to book a place in a pilates class, workshop or event and when a booking is a made through Pilates Near You, the customer will receive immediate access to MyNearYou - an online portal which will allow them to track their classes, download bookings to their calendars, see the latest local news and offers and give them a way to quickly get in touch with their new instructor.

Important, the system is flexible and incredibly simple to set up. Within minutes you can be selling your classes and taking online payments via your mobile phone, online or at your venue.

There are no set up fees or ongoing charges other than a regular subscription, and this combined with low card fees of 1.4% and a small transaction fee (20p), makes NearYou a very affordable alternative to other payment systems in the marketplace.

You'll be able to manage all of your bookings and payments from your smart devices and the administration will be made even simpler thanks to our email and SMS notification service, which will confirm new bookings as they come in.

Following a strong 2015 during which the team expanded and moved to new offices, the addition of 'NearYouPay' will help continue the growth of the NearYou Websites moving forwad through 2016 and beyond.

Stephen Auty CEO, said; “NearYou websites are proving to be the websites of choice for health and fitness instructors who need a low cost, effective, easy to use platform to help them market their classes. The introduction of the NearYou payment system will help instructors and studios reduce no shows by up to 60%, improve cash flow and give customers an easy option to pay for classes. Our focus on a simple, easy to use and low cost online payment system will from our research prove to be popular."

After thorough research into the needs of our Pilates instructors and studios, development has allowed Pilates Near You to create a unique product which is cost efficient and user friendly for the hundreds of studios and instructors subscribed to the website.

The Pilates Near You system provides pilates professional's with effective platform to market themselves online and with the addition of new features, they will be able to manage payments and schedules as well. All in all, that means less hassle, less paperwork and more time focusing on what really matters, teaching pilates!

Sam Bourne, an instructor using sister website Yoga Class Near You was one of the first to use the feature; “It's great for me to be able to add my events and retreats and gives me real peace of mind about taking the payments for them. It's much better than giving out my bank details and having to constantly check that money has been paid.

More importantly, my students were really keen about being able to book online because it'll save them carrying the cash to pay for a block of classes. It makes my business look even more professional and it's been so easy to use."

Sam is one of a number of NearYou's instructors who have already begun using the feature and so far the feedback from them has been very positive.

The launch of 'NearYouPay' marks a significant step in the right direction for 'NearYou' websites and with further plans to add new features, 2016 promises to be another great year.
Source: Pilates Near You