Find thousands of Pilates mat classes in the UK suitable for all abilities, including beginner, intermediate, advanced and mixed ability classes. All the pilates classes listed on this site are run by qualified pilates instructors, pilates therapists or pilates studios.

A Pilates mat class usually last between 40 and 90 minutes and contain, on average, 15 students per session.

Most mat classes are arranged for students of a similar ability based on their core fitness and experience. Your pilates instructor will recommend a pilates class level that is suitable for you.

Pilates instructors may require you to attend a pilates one to one session before joining a pilates class.

Mat classes are usually held in a calm, clear environment enabling you to focus on developing your inner strength and providing a relaxing environment for practicing pilates. Find a pilates class near your home or work.


If you have no experience practicing pilates, then you will probably be best suited to a beginners Pilates class.

This will teach you all the basics, including breathing technique, posture and balance, as well as introduce you to some basic pilates poses.

To find a local Pilates beginners class near you, choose the beginner pilates classes from the drop down selection in the search form.

There's lots of beginners pilates classes to choose from so shop around for the one you feel comfortable with.


If you have been practicing pilates for a while (10 weeks plus) and feel you have a grasp on the pilates basics including breathing technique, posture and balance, you may want to join an intermediate Pilates class. This will offer you an opportunity to be around people of a similar experience and ability as well as providing you with a more challenging exercise routine.

To find a local Pilates intermediate class near you, use the Pilates Class search and choose the intermediate pilates classes from the drop down selection in our search form.


Advanced pilates classes are available for students who have been practicing pilates regularly over an extended period of time and want to develop their understanding.

Advanced Pilates classes require students with high stamina and core strength as well as full body awareness as they should be prepared to undertake pilates exercises at a higher skill level.

To find Pilates advanced classes near you, select the group advanced classes from the drop down menu selection on the search form.