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Benefits of Pilates Mat Classes

Pilates mat classes are a gentle low impact form of exercise developed originally be Joseph Pilates. His workout routines started in a prisoner of War camp on the Isle of Wight in England. He was a prisoner of war and with no equipment he developed series of exercises to help fellow prisoners keep fit and healthy.

After the war he moved to New York and developed Pilates for everyone to enjoy.

Pilates can be enjoyed at home online via zoom, in person, in a studio or venue Near You. Access thousands of Pilates classes both online and in person on Pilates Near You.

What are the benefits of Pilates Mat classes?

Typically Pilates classes help improve the core strength, muscle tone, strength, flexibility, posture, balance and breathing. It is a low impact form of exercise making it ideal way for many people to exercise without the fear of injury often incurred with other more vigorous forms such as jogging or working out in a gym.

You don't need to be super fit to take up Pilates, and you can quickly learn Pilates exercise, under a qualified instructor.

Where Can I Practice Pilates Mat Classes?

Pilates is very accessible form of exercise you can practice Pilates on the mat anywhere, at home in your front room, in a hotel, at your place of work. To join a online class all you need is a internet connection and a computer or mobile phone and a mat.

Pilates Near You website hosts thousands of Pilates Mat classes on Pilates NearYou. Which means if you are looking for a local in person Pilates Mat Class theres bound to be a class nearby.

Just use the search on this page, find a local Pilates Instructor, book a class online and reap the rewards of Pilates. Alternatively, Download the NearYou App.

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Typically how much does a Pilates Mat Class Cost?

Because Mat class Pilates does not require any equipment, classes are inexpensive typically £5-10 a class. All you need is mat which cost around £20. Many Pilates instructors work are self employed and work from a variety of venues which keeps the class costs down. You don't need to pay gym membership fees on NearYou just book a class where and when you want.

How long does a Pilates Mat class last?

Typically in-person Pilates Mat classes last between 40 and 60 minutes depending on the instructor. Online classes via Zoom maybe shorter they can last between 15-45 minutes. On demand video Mat classes are usually 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Both zoom classes and on demand video classes are typically shorter than in person classes.

What can I wear in a Pilates Class?

Mat Classes are informal so loose fitting clothing, stretch pants or loose fitting pants are fine. Due to hygiene you may need to wear, toe socks or similar footwear. These are like socks, they keep your feet warm but allow you to stretch, they are ideal for studio or gym floors because they have grippy soles.

Can Anyone practice Pilates on the Mat?

Pilates mat classes are suitable for just about anyone. However if you have a medical condition, or are in the early stages of pregnancy you should contact the instructor first, they will often require you to complete a medical questionnaire and undertake an assessment.

Where do I find the Best Pilates Mat Class instructors?

Look no further than Pilates Near You, the website and apps host thousands of online Pilates Mat classes, in-person, and on demand videos. Use the search at the top of this page.