1. General fitness?

Pilates classes are a low impact fitness regime however, your fitness level is important when choosing a Pilates class.

Your pilates instructor will usually review your fitness level. Studios may require you to undertake a one to one class prior to establishing the type of Pilates class suitable for you.

2. Suffering a medical condition?

If you're are receiving medical advice or taking medication get advice from your GP or medical advisor first before under taking a Pilates class. You should inform your Pilates instructor or studio before taking part in Pilates classes and you may be required to provide a doctors notes / referral.

3. Pilates Instructor Qualifications

There are a number of Pilates organisations that train Pilates instructors. There is no national Pilates standard qualification different organisations have their own training and certification however they Pilates instructors should be at level 2 or above or hold an equivalent qualification.

Check with the Pilates instructor or studio as to their Pilates qualifications.

4. Insurance?

You should check that the Pilates instructor or studio are insured for Pilates instruction.

5. How often should I undertake a Pilates class?

Really it's up to you and your Pilates instructor or studio and your schedule. It can vary from the one hour a week up to three one-hour classes per week. Take advice from your instructor. Ideally 2-3 times a week.

6. What kind of equipment is required?

The great thing about Pilates is that equipment is not essential as most Pilates instructor and studios will be provided equipment. Many of the classes can be done on a mat and Pilates mat classes are the most popular. Pilates Instructors may also use balls, resistance bands, magic circles, foam rollers.

More advanced Pilates classes incorporate specially designed resistance equipment, like the Reformer, cadillacs and Trapeze Table. Depending on your experience and fitness level your instructor will recommend the most suitable classes and equipment for you.

7. Should I take private or group classes?

It depends on what you like and can afford. A teacher student ratio no larger than 1:15 is fine for Pilates Mat classes and 1:6 for group more advanced classes.

8. How much is a Pilates class?

Depending on whether you take Pilates classes at a fitness centre or a Pilates studio, or with an independent instructor the prices will vary. Pilates studios and instructors will often offer discounts if you book a series of classes. Check on the web site for classes in your area.

9. Can I do the Pilates exercises at home?

Yes, there are lots of Pilates DVD's available however we recommend that you take instruction from a qualified Pilate's instructor or attend a Pilates studio first.