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How fit are you?

Pilates classes are a low impact fitness regime however, your fitness level is important when choosing a Pilates class. If you are not very fit and have not undertaken a Pilates class before you should look for a Pilates beginners class.

If you are unsure contact the Pilates instructor or studio first. The pilates instructor will usually review your fitness level. You maybe required you to undertake a one to one class prior to deciding the type of Pilates class most suitable for you.

Beginners Pilates classes are usually run at a gentle pace and many instructors run blocks of classes so that you can slowly build up your fitness levels.

Suffering a medical condition?

If you're are receiving medical advice or taking medication get advice from your GP or medical advisor first before under taking a Pilates class. You should inform your Pilates instructor or studio before taking part in Pilates classes and you maybe required to provide a doctors referral note.

Pilates instructors can help people with medical or physical conditions such as back pain or mobility issues. If you are suffering from a condition contact the instructor they will direct you to the best class. You maybe required to attend an initial one on one session so that the instructor can asses you.

How to choose a qualified Pilates Instructor for you?

There are a number of Pilates organisations that train Pilates teachers. There is no national Pilates standard qualification different organisations have their own training, and certification, however they Pilates instructors should be at level 3 or above or hold an equivalent qualification. You should check that the Pilates instructor or studio are insured.

If you are looking for specialist instruction such as back pain or pregnancy check they have the required qualifications listed on their profile.

Check the instructor NearYou profile and get a feel for their instruction, background, and check that they are fully qualified, and read their reviews. Experience counts, there are thousands of Pilates instructors out there, but many have only recently qualified many work in gyms on low wages so use NearYou to find the best Pilates teachers.

Where can I find the Best Pilates instructor Near Me?

All Pilates instructors on NearYou are qualified to level 3. This means they are qualified to teach members of the public. However some are better than others. In 2016 NearYou.best introduced the Feefo review service. This collects genuine feedback for clients who attended Near You activities.

NearYou instructors are all rated and you will see they set a very high standard of Pilates coaching.

Winning 2 Platinum Awards and 1 Gold award this year!

It's a very good idea to check the reviews and star ratings on instructor profiles to see what customers say about the quality and experience in the Pilates class. All Pilates instructors on NearYou are insured.

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How often should I undertake a Pilates class?

To really benefit from Pilates minimum attendance is once a week. Classes will cycle through exercises so its best to start are the beginning of the month. If your not sure about Pilates you can buy one off classes. You have the option on NearYou of trying out different Pilates instructors with no ongoing commitment or membership fees, just pay as you go.

As you progress and see the benefits of Pilates you can move into intermediate or advanced Pilates classes which will stretch your fitness levels.

Really it’s up to you, and your Pilates instructor or studio and your schedule. It can vary from the one hour a week up to three one-hour classes per week. Take advice from your instructor. Ideally 2-3 times a week. Many instructors and Pilates Studios offer class passes these offer flexibility to attend classes to suit your daily schedule.

Online, in person and outdoor Pilates classes offer a huge range of Pilates exercise opportunities.

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What kind of equipment is required?

The great thing about Pilates is that equipment is not essential as most Pilates instructor and studios will be provided equipment. Many of the classes are mat based and Pilates mat classes are are popular. Some Pilates instructors may also use balls, resistance bands, magic circles, foam rollers which they provide.

Equipment based Pilates classes incorporate specially designed resistance equipment, like the Reformer, Cadillacs and Trapeze Table. Depending on your experience and fitness level your instructor will recommend the most suitable classes and equipment for you.

Should I take private or group classes?

It depends on what you like and can afford. Benefit of private Pilates class is that you get personal attention which help you improve your fitness levels and address individual needs.

A teacher student ratio of 1:15 is fine for Pilates Mat classes and 1:6 for group more advanced classes.

Online classes vary, some are one to ones, others are small group typically 8-10 clients. Many clients have commented on how good NearYou instructors are online.

How much is a Pilates class?

Prices for Pilates classes vary depending on your location, whether its online or in person or if you take Pilates classes at a fitness centre or a Pilates studio, or with an independent instructor. Pilates studios and instructors will often offer discounts if you book a series of classes, a class pass or a one off class.

Prices also vary according to the type of class, one to ones are more expensive than group mat classes. Typically more experienced instructors will charge more than less experienced instructors.

Near you is a pay as you go service , no membership fees or contracts. Its the flexible way to stay fit.

Can I do the Pilates exercises at home?

YES. With NearYou you have the option to attend online classes, download VOD (video on demand) and practice in your own time. Some people prefer Pilates online and video classes. Others prefer in person.

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