Why you should join a Pilates class this September

8th August 2017

Why you should join a Pilates class this September
When it comes to getting fit, there's always two peak periods of the year where people are looking to get in shape. The obvious one is January. New Year, new me, of course.

However slightly unexpectedly, the other peak time is September, right before the start of the Autumn. With the kids back in school, many parents can enjoy some additional free time and are looking to spend that keeping fit and healthy.

Pilates is a very popular way of doing that. Every year, Pilates Near You experiences a rush of people booking beginner's courses and signing up to new classes. Early indications are that this year is no different, with many instructors already taking bookings for their classes in the coming weeks.

Maybe you've been thinking about trying Pilates. Well if you have, think fast, because spaces are getting taken and we'd hate for you to miss out.

Here's why Pilates is a great way to keep in shape this September...

The Benefits of Pilates

Pilates is now officially acknowledged by the NHS as a form of physiotherapy. A Pilates class can go a long way to helping prevent injury, in particular in the lower back and joints. It is commonly practiced as a way to tackle osteoporosis and has proven particularly effective for seniors who struggle with limited, or painful mobility.

As a form of exercise, Pilates is also very effective for strength and power. A Pilates routine will help to work all of the key muscle groups in particular the deep core muscles in the stomach. Most regular gym sessions will not achieve this and that's what makes Pilates a good addition to a workout plan. These exercises will also strengthen the muscles around the base of spine.

Pilates can also be used as part of a diet plan if you are looking to lose weight. Because a routine works many different parts of the body at once, it tones different muscle groups at a similar speed. This also prevents muscular imbalance which prevents injury.

It's also very low risk in terms of hurting yourself further. It's a low impact exercise and this is why it is suitable to older people. However, for those of you are looking for more intensity in a workout, then studio Pilates classes add weight resistance to create an effective and challenging workout. This is perfect for people who are looking to add Pilates to their training for other sports.

What Pilates classes are there?

Pilates Mat Classes

Matwork Pilates classes are where most beginner's start out. It helps to give you a better basic understanding of Pilates and allows you to work out what your limitations are. Routines are designed to improve flexibility, balance and core strength.

Reformer Pilates Classes

Most Pilates Studios can offer Equipment based classes as well as mat classes. Reformers and other devices such as wundachairs and towers can be used to make a workout more challenging. These classes are not ideal for complete beginner's to Pilates and it's recommended you learn the basics in a mat class initially.

Pregnancy Pilates Classes

Pilates classes are also effective before giving birth and post-pregnancy. Antenatal Pilates classes will prepare the body for the strains of childbirth and strengthen muscles in the back and pelvic area. As well as this, you'll learn breathing techniques that help prevent shortness of breath and will make you keep calm during a class.

Pilates classes are also beneficial after pregnancy. Many women suffer from 'diastasis recti', the separation of the abdominal muscles. Pilates will help to gently repair and rebuild the strength in these areas. Many new mothers also suffer continuations of pains during pregnancy, particularly back pain. Pilates will help to restrengthen the support around the spine and ease this pain.

One-to-One Pilates Classes

Concerned about being the new student? Then a one-to-one class can be a good way to start. It can also be useful if you have a specific injury that you are aiming to overcome using Pilates. The instructor can then assess you more closely and specifically tailor a routine that will be suitable.

How to find a local Pilates class

Finding a Pilates class in your area is now easier than ever thanks to the the NearYou iPhone App. There are thousands of classes across the UK that can be booked in just seconds. With September around the corner, there are plenty to choose from and lots of new courses getting underway.

Alternatively, head to the homepage of this website and enter your location to begin your search.
Source: Pilates Near You