The benefits of Reformer Pilates classes

29th June 2017

The benefits of Reformer Pilates classes
The Pilates Reformer, originally devised by Joseph Pilates, is an excellent resource and universally popular today as one of the most well known and used items of Pilates studio equipment.

What is the reformer good for?

  • Very beneficial for stretching and strengthening exercises

  • Is low impact and easy on the joints

  • Assists and resists movements – helping you to do movements you may not be able to do

  • Like matwork Pilates it allows you to do a range of exercises lying down, sitting, standing and gives you the same benefits of flattened abs, strong back and toned buttocks and thighs

So what is the difference?

In a Pilates matwork class, your body provides resistance and assistance for Pilates exercises. The mat work exercises are affected by gravity and our body weight.

The Reformer on the other hand uses springs to provide resistance as you push on the foot bar or pull on the ropes.

Ropes with loops connect the carriage to your hands or feet via pulleys at the head end of the Reformer. The risers at the head end change the angle of resistance and allow the ropes to pass smoothly.

The head rest provides head and neck support and the shoulder rests provide stability. The carriage – lie, sit, kneel or stand on the carriage and move it by pushing against the foot bar or by pulling the ropes.

The black sitting box can be placed on the carriage and provides exercise options for seated exercises and prone positions.

The reformer is a great way to take your Pilates workout to the next level, although if you haven't tried it before it's always worth signing up for a taster session first.

How to find a Pilates reformer class

Pilates reformer classes have become very popular. Stephanie from Fuschia Pilates teaches reformer Pilates in Edinburgh and you can see more about her classes below.

If you're not in Edinburgh however and are looking for a class, then there are many all across the UK with experienced and qualified Pilates instructors.

To find them, download the NearYou App and search your location. This will identify local Pilates classes and allow you to book a class or contact the instructor before going along.

It can be beneficial if you are a beginner to try a one-to-one reformer pilates session before you go signing up for a term. This way, you can get a feel for it and the instructor can recommend the most suitable class for you depending on your goals.
Source: Pilates Near You