The benefits of Pregnancy Pilates Classes

5th May 2017

The benefits of Pregnancy Pilates Classes
Pregnancy can be tough on the body. The rigours of labour can leave your body in tatters, feeling weak and in need of some TLC.

The question is: Can you prepare your body for it?

The answer... YES!

Pregnancy Pilates Classes

Pilates exercises have always been used to strengthen the body's core and support key areas such as the spine.

This makes Prenatal Pilates Classes the perfect exercise for helping the body to prepare for labour.

Having a big baby bump for months means that your body will have a weight imbalance and leave you supporting a lot of extra weight. This can be tough on the lower back in particular. A pregnancy pilates class will help you develop extra muscle around the base of the spine, leaving your back stronger and spine better supported. This means the amount of discomfort you might experience will be kept to a minimum.

Pilates has always focused on alignment and posture. Most people think posture is just about how we position ourselves, but it's also about how the body copes with movement. Postural imbalances are common during pregnancy and a tailored pilates routine will strengthen the body to cope.

Pilates will also teach you important breathing techniques which will make labour more manageable. It's long, it's tough and it's ultimately one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. However, why make it harder than it needs to be? By knowing how to breathe properly, it can make the whole situation a bit calmer. Deep breathing allows oxygen to circulate the body better and prevent breathlessness.

Postnatal Pilates Classes

Post-pregnancy Pilates classes can also be really effective in repairing the body and getting you back to full strength.

Many women suffer from 'diastasis recti'. This is when the abdominal muscles are separated during labour. Pilates specialises in working the core muscles of the stomach, so a postnatal pilates class will help to strengthen these and get them back into a fit state. It will also help to repair and relieve any damage or pain to the base of the spine and the pelvic floor.

A postnatal pilates class can also help mentally. Many new mothers suffer from post-partum depression and can feel quite alone. By settling into a group, it can be an important part of your support structure. You will be able to share experiences and get a bit of 'me time' away from the new responsibilities of parenting.

Find a Pregnancy Pilates Class Near You

Are you currently pregnant or have you just had a baby? In which case, a Pilates class could be exactly what you need.

Thankfully, it's easy to find on one Pilates Near You. Hundreds of teachers across the UK are trained to teach specialist pregnancy classes.

To find a Pilates studio in your local area, simply search your location on our homepage search or download the NearYou iPhone App and enter your postcode.

Once you've found a suitable class, we advise you speak to the instructor and you can tell them a bit more about what you're looking to gain from your Pilates class. Once you're happy you've found the right class, simply book your place online using any major credit or debit card.

If you're concerned about whether Pilates is right for you, then speak to your doctor and they'll be able to make their recommendation.
Source: Pilates Near You