Learn Pilates... The fun way to get fit in London

12th September 2018

Learn Pilates... The fun way to get fit in London

Don't get tuck in a rut this Autumn. Get fit and healthy with some of the best Pilates Instructors in London. We have unlocked the secret of where you can find great Pilates classes in the city.

Join thousands of Londoners who are taking up Pilates, and are getting fit the FUN way!

The NHS Online has revealed that Pilates can improve posture, muscle tone, balance and joint flexibility, along with relieving your stress and tension. 

So, let us show you some of our top picks for Pilates instructors and studios in London to get you inspired to start Pilates today! 

Reformer Pilates 2u Ltd

Mobile celebrity Reformer Pilate specialist offering private pilates around London. Start your Pilates journey with some of the best teachings around! 

With prices starting at just £84.80 per class for private lessons, it doesn't get better than this! Book online and book yourself into a session today. 

Ana Carvelho

Ana offers small classes, consisting of only five students. This intimate setting will help you increase your skill level and enjoy more personal direction. 

Offering reformer Pilates for groups and also one to ones, you can book onto a class today! 

Why not get a class pass for £170, where you can enjoy 3 private lessons! 

Bing Pilates Ltd