How Reformative Pilates can help seniors keep active

5th October 2018

How Reformative Pilates can help seniors keep active

You might not think it, but reformer Pilates can act as a gentle and effective way for the elderly to keep active and mobile.

If you're looking into way Pilates could help you regain control as you become older, or perhaps you're researching for an elderly friend or relative... Take a look at this blog where we seek to uncover some of the benefits that come with Pilates at old age. We also talk to one of our dedicated Pilates reformer instructors about this topic and receive some expert advice on how the Pilates reformer can work for over 60's.

It is essential that the older population doesn't neglect their fitness, flexibility and strength as they start to feel it decline. Contrary to what you may think, the Pilates reformer can actually be used by the elderly to help them regain more control of their bodies. And it's not as scary as it looks! Furthermore, it can actually make for a gentle form of exercise that directly targets trouble areas and actually works to improve them.

For example, the reformer doesn't impact the joints as much as running or other forms of typical exercise. Movements can be slow and precise, with a focus on breathing instead of tedious and painful reps. This can also help such age-related issues as arthritis as each Pilates class can be specifically tailored to meet the needs of the individual.

We wanted to get an experts advice on this topic, so we reached out to Pilates NearYou Instructor Ris Widdicombe. Ris is the founder of Pilates Now!, located in West London.

Here's what Ris has to say....

"As our body's age, it is more important than ever to work on keeping mobile and building our core strength.

I often see students who are suffering in their later life from injuries they had years ago, and only now it is catching up with them.

Not only this, but we all get imbalances in our bodies from certain jobs, sitting at desks, carrying bags and so on. These all have a knock-on effect that becomes apparent later in life.

Common age-related issues include spines becoming stiff, losing muscle tone and bone density becoming weaker.

Reformer Pilates classes work on building and strengthening these areas in a way that is much less impactful.

We work on building strength so if, for example, a person was to have a fall - The core strength we seek to build with reformative Pilates can help this person deal with this much easier.

Our over 60's class is one of the most popular areas of our Pilates practice as people are looking to take more care of themselves and their bodies, with fantastic results.

The Pilates Reformer may look scary but I urge anyone who is thinking about it just to give it ago. In reality, it allows for a slow and supportive workout."

Located in West London, Chiswick Park, Pilates Now! welcomes you to see what Reformative Pilates can do for you!

Their top of the range studio is in an easily accessible, central London location. Fitted with all new 'Stop Pilates' equipment. Take a look at the 5-star reviews here.

You'll find 4 Pilates Reformer beds with towers, Cadillacs, wunda chairs, spine correctors, ladder barrels and more.

So, to conclude... we think that Pilates could be so important for retaining strength and keeping seniors active and well. Take a look at Pilates Now! profile here.

Find Reformer based Pilates Classes NearYou here.

As Joseph Pilates once said, "You are as old as your spine."

Supplied By: Ris Widdicombe
Source: NearYou