Find affordable Pilates classes

17th October 2019

Find affordable Pilates classes

Find thousands of Pilates classes for all levels, ability, fitness and prices. Pilates is a great way to exercise and it's very affordable. What's really good about PilatesNearYou is that we have the best instructors according to Feefo the independent review service at the best prices.

What should I pay for a Pilates class

Pilates classes, are well priced Pilates Mat classes can start from as little as £7.50 up to £15.

Personal one to one Pilates or one on one sessions are more expensive, however you will get personal attention and advice. Prices for one to one classes can range from £40 to over £100 depending on your location and the instructor.

For example a one on one personal instruction class in Bloomsbury, London charge £65.00 per session with the Flex It Stretch it Studio.

If your an absolute beginner it usually worth booking a one to one session first, the instructor will access your needs, check out your fitness and mobility before recommending a course of beginners classes.

Pilates Reformer and equipment based classes are more expensive than mat classes. They are more expensive than mat classes because they use specialist exercise equipment and require trained instructors to show you how to use the equipment and keep a watchful eye on your progress.

Do I have to sign up to a contract?

Quick answer no! On Pilates Near You you can buy single classes, there is no long term commitment. However we recommend taking at least 4-8 classes and many Pilates instructors offer incentives to buy blocks which will save you money.

See Pilates offers

Increasingly instructors on the NearYou platform are offering ClassPasses this is a more flexible option, it lets you choose from a schedule the day and times you can attend. ClassPasses can vary from week to several months and you can choose which pass suit you best.

They often represent very good value for money.

Can I pay by card?

The answer is yes. Pilates Near You only accepts cards payments. Prices displayed on the website include the service fee, VAT, and card charges. So the displayed price is the price you pay. Be aware the service fee is non-refundable.

If you can't attend a class or have a problem contact the studio or instructor direct they can arrange to range a reschedule at their discretion.

Is it easy to book?

Yes, its very easy to book. Just find a Pilates class near you, choose a day or time, select single class or offer, or where available select a classPass. The choice is yours.

Best way to book classes download the NearYou iPhone or Android APPS

Source: NearYou