Body tone up! Get ready for the summer holidays find a Pilates Class

17th April 2019

Body tone up! Get ready for the summer holidays find a Pilates Class

The perfect way to get that toned up body join a Pilates Class Near Me.

Summer is not far away. The nights are getting shorter and Easter looks like its going to be hot, hotter than Turkey. Pretty soon you'll be getting ready for a summer holiday, If its as hot as last your going to meed your bathing suit or bikini.

Home or abroad now is the time to tone up, build your core, get your alignment and posture so that you will you will not only look good you will feel great.

We don't all have a model figure but Pilates classes can help you shape up!

We don't all have model figures but we want to look good. More importantly we want to FEELGOOd and that's what Pilates can do for you.

Even better, its a low impact exercise so your not going to put stress on your joints and muscles. So no matter young or old its a perfect way to get that toned up body.

Pilates Near You has some of the best Pilates teachers in Britain. They are independent Pilates teachers and studios and are highly rated by the public.

In 20 sessions you could have a beach body

Join a Pilates class, the secret is to book a block of classes. Your not going to get that perfect body in one class. You have to commit and stay with it.

After 20 sessions you will feel the difference, more toned, more aligned and importantly benefit from a better posture. Getting into that swim suit will be a breeze. You might need to ditch last years because Pilates can help you loose weight.

Feel more Alive

Once you start Pilates you wont want to stop. So many people join a Pilates class and after only a few session say they can feel the difference.

“It was my very first lesson in Pilates and I really enjoyed myself. At the time I didn't feel as if I was doing very much, but the next morning I found muscles I didn't know I had. Can't wait for next week!”

And so it goes,

“Worth every penny and because you pay up front it makes you go, even if you are having a 'cant be bothered with anything' day. Makes you feel great after.”

Feel the difference great teachers, great classes and people come back for more.

Don't feel embarrassed

Most Pilates classes are run in groups. But you can get “one on one classes” or attend small groups.

You may feel that this is more suited to you and less intimidating, plus you have the advantage of the teachers personal attention. They will usually create a plan with you to help you get back in shape fast just in time for your awesome holiday break.

Down and dirty

Need more work on certain areas, require a more targeted muscles workout? then find a Pilates Studios often utilise reformer or other Pilates equipment. Equipment based exercises allow the student and teacher to work on specific muscle areas of the body.

These Pilates Reformer classes are growing in popularity, primarily because the machines can be adjusted to target, specific muscle groups and areas of the body.

Where do I find the best Pilates for toning near me

On Pilates Near You the No1 Pilates class finder. Thousands of classes, one to one sessions and equipment based reformer classes to choose from