Benefits of Pilates for Skiers

23rd November 2017

Benefits of Pilates for Skiers
Winter is here! For many, that means ski-season, and for others it means enjoying the ice rink at Winter Wonderland before mooching round the Christmas markets.

There are loads of ways that Pilates can help you to get out there and enjoy yourself this holiday.


As you're well aware, the slopes are slippy! If you are a bit of a Bambi on the snow, Pilates can help you to improve your balance and therefore prevent injury. By working through a range of Pilates exercises, you can improve your mobility and stability around the foot and ankle to create a fluidity between yourself and your skis.

Strengthen your core

Pilates classes focus on challenging deep abdominal muscles to support your core and ensure that the body is working effectively. This allows you to ski for longer periods of time without over-exerting yourself, and will help you to move with more precision.

Improve your fitness

Whilst Pilates classes don't offer an intense cardiovascular workout, it will help to improve your general fitness levels. Before hitting the slopes, pair Pilates with regular aerobic training to fully prepare yourself and your body.


When taking part in any sport, your breathing is crucial. Pilates can teach you how to breathe effectively, so that when your breathing rate increases, you are making full use of your lung capacity. This is particularly important for the combination of cardio and altitude that comes with skiing!


When skiing you need to be able to hold the correct posture for long periods of time. Pilates focuses on holding individual moves, ensuring the correct posture has been obtained before smoothly transitioning to the next pose. It is therefore excellent training in preparation for a ski trip!


If your muscles are tight and full of tension, you will severely limit your movement, which can lead to serious injury. In addition, if you suffer from a fall and your body is stiffened and rigid, you are more likely to damage your muscles. Pilates lessons can help you to loosen your muscles so that you can hit the slopes supple and ready!


Confidence is key for skiers. Develop all of the above skills by attending regular Pilates sessions, and you will build up this confidence in yourself and your ability to ski.

Sport-specific Pilates classes

You can find sports-specific Pilates classes that are geared towards preparing you skiing. These classes pay particular attention to the essential muscles and joints that you will use whilst skiing, such as the buttocks, calves, upper arm and thigh muscles.

Attending regular Pilates mat classes will also vastly improve your performance on the slopes, and many instructors are happy to tailor your sessions to your needs, just let them know your plans in advance!

Where can I find a Sports Pilates class Near Me?

Visit Pilates Near You to find a Pilates class near where you work or live, or download the MyNearYou App for when you're on the go.