5 Reasons to Enrol your Child in a Pilates Class

5th October 2017

5 Reasons to Enrol your Child in a Pilates Class
Pilates is an up and coming exercise that, despite common misconception, can be practised by people of all ages! Designed to improve core strength and flexibility, book your children in to a Pilates Class this October Half-Term and watch them grow both physically and mentally.

Pilates for Kids

Pilates is an easy form of exercise for children to learn, and whilst there are several adaptions of Pilates available for adults, including Reformer Pilates, Pilates classes for children are solely mat based sessions.

They will involve a range of stretches and poses that are to be held for a certain length of time. Some of the most common Pilates exercises for children include The Hundred, Plank, Single Leg Stretch and Tick Tock Side Bend.

Benefits of Pilates for Children

Pilates offers a range of benefits for children, including aiding in cardiovascular and general fitness. This is even more prominent in children as their bodies are still developing.

Flexibility: The poses practised in Pilates help to maintain flexibility in children's muscles and tendons. This is useful if they wish to particpate in other sports such as ballet and gymnastics, and is also great for their overall fitness!

Strength: Pilates helps to improve the circulation of blood, strengthening the core muscles of the body - helping children to conserve there energy, as well as keeping them lean and improving their atheletic performance.

Concentration: School can be mentally demanding, and is often a lot for children to absorb. Prepare them for the term ahead with Pilates, as the focus required in Pilates will transfer to the classroom and you will see improvents in their academic performance.

Posture: With many children spending hours staring at a screen each day, they are beginning to slouch. This can lead to a range of back problems in later life, but Pilates can help to correct this! Children that participate in Pilates classes have better spinal alignment and posture!

Where to find Pilates Classes for Children

There are several instructors across the UK that offer Pilates classes for children. Pilates Near You can help you to find these instrcutors and classes in your area, simply visit our Pilates Near You website or download our NearYou App, enter your postcode and improve your child's lifestyle today!