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The Best Pilates Studios

Over the last few years Pilates Studios have sprung up across the UK. These tend to be boutique style fitness studios with specialist Pilates instructors. These Pilates Studios focus on equipment based exercises using Reformers, Cadillac, and Wunderchairs.

Pilates studios offer a range of Pilates classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels as well as specialist classes such as sport injury, rehabilitation, ante-natal and post natal.

We have hundreds of Pilates Studios located in London, Scotland, North East, North West, Midlands, East Anglia, Wales, Midlands, South East, the South West and Northern Ireland.

In person studio Pilates look for the Covid-19 compliant logo before booking a class. Only book where you see the logo and only pay securely by card.

What are the benefits of Pilates Studio classes?

Pilates studios offer a bespoke environment. They have a range of Pilates equipment and trained staff to ensure students get the most out of their exercise. Demand for quicker results has seen studios creating individual Pilates workouts and adding in more personalised training schemes.

Studios have upped their game in recent with better facilities, to attract higher value customers, athletes and remedial services, and charge accordingly.

Specialist Pilates Studio Classes

Many studios offer specialist Pilates sessions, in particular sports injury, sports rehabilitation, or other medical ailments, such as back pain, where the people will benefit from this low impact fitness regime and expertise.

If you are undergoing treatment, or rehabilitation, check with your local GP first. Most Pilates studio will assess your fitness and take into account advice given by your GP. Pilates instructors can work in conjunction with an osteopath, physiotherapist or GP. Your Pilates instructors will create a personal program that should complement any ongoing medical treatment.

To find Pilates classes in a studio near you offering specialist Pilates classes, use the search at the top of the page and choose a specialist area such as sport injury, remedial, rehabilitation, ante natal or post natal.

What can I expect to pay for a studio class?

Pilates Studio classes tend to be more expensive than classes in a local venue. Prices will vary expect to pay more for reformer or equipment based classes, or remedial classes.

Many offer memberships which vary considerably based on location. Like gyms they encourage user to pay monthly. However, Studios on NearYou have more flexible options such as Pilates ClassPasses, blocks of classes as well as more flexible payment options such as the NearYou PAY AS YOU GO model.

NearYou has no membership lock in, users can pick and choose classes, instructors and only pay when they book a class. This has proved to be a growing trend that appeals to consumers. Why pay for a gym membership when you can access the best Pilates class at a much lower cost?

Where can I find the Best Pilates Studios?

Find the best Pilates Studios, and instructors on NearYou offering flexible access to a range of classes at affordable prices, online or in-person classes available. No need for memberships.

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