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The Best One to One Pilates classes

One to one Pilates classes or one to one Pilates lessons can be held in a studio or in the comfort of your home. These sessions can be tailored to focus on specific medical conditions such as back pain, injury or your looking for a personal one on one fitness workouts.

Consult your doctor first if you have a medical condition.

One to one Pilates sessions the instructor focus on your personal needs, which is not as easy in large group Pilates mat classes. More instructors are offering mobile Pilates one to one sessions where they visit you in your home or at your work.

Benefits of one to one Pilates classes

Everyone can benefit from a one to one pilates session. They offer the personal attention of a Pilates instructor in a studio or in the comfort of your own home. A Pilates one to one class can provide a more thorough understanding of the Pilates exercise form.

It is advisable if you are a complete beginner to arrange a one to one session with your Pilates instructor or Pilates Studio before joining a regular Pilates class.

Online One to One classes

Can't get out or prefer to do Pilates at home? Online zoom one to one classes are very popular. Get personalised workouts at a time to suit you at home, in the office or on holiday.

Access your personal Pilates trainer anywhere, anytime, online worldwide. Online one to ones or duets are great fun and can give you a great work out without a trip to the studio.

Pilates one to one class specialist

Pilates personal one to one classes are available in Pilates Studios, plus there is a growing number of Pilates qualified instructors offering sessions in your home or at your work place.

Use the search form on this page to find a Pilates studio or Pilates instructor near you offering one to one classes. Simply choose One to One Pilates tuition, enter your postcode and a list of Pilates Studios and instructors offering private pilates classes will appear. Contact the Pilates instructor or Pilates studio to find out more about their one to one classes.

To find Pilates one to one instructors near you, use the search at the top of this page and select “one to one tuition”.

Best Pilates One to One classes Near Me

Use the search to find Pilates instructors offering one to one Pilates in the UK. To find a 5 star instructor. Find a Pilates studio offering one on one Pilates instruction in a city near you just select Pilates in the search filter.

Enjoy the benefits of Pilates, book an online, or in person class with the best Pilates instructors in the UK. Use the finder on this page.

In-person studio Pilates look for the Covid-19 compliant logo before booking a class. Only book where you see the logo and only pay securely by card.

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