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Find the best Pilates classes online, in person, outdoor or on-demand video courses. Access thousands of Pilates classes run by qualified Pilates instructors in studios, gyms and local venues around the UK. From the North East, the North West, the Midlands, London, the South East, and the South West to Scotland and Wales. Search by town and city here.

Reformer Pilates classes have grown in popularity in recent years. Reformers allow instructors to design exercises that target specific muscle groups, to increase muscle and core strength. Clients using reformer machines under qualified instruction reach their core fitness goals quicker.

Pregnancy Pilates

Find antenatal, prenatal and post natal classes on NearYou. Pilates is a great way to exercise during pregnancy, it will help you during childbirth and speed up post natal recovery. It is also a good way to meet and learn from other pregnant mothers. Find a local pregnancy class near me, or join an online class.

One to One Pilates

Find your perfect Pilates instructor. One on one Pilates Classes are popular, offering clients the opportunity to receive personalised instruction. If you haven't attended a Pilates class before then a one on one Pilates Class is a good place to start. It allows the instructor to assess your fitness level and identify which are the best exercises for you.

Over 60's Pilates

Pilates classes are the best way for over 60's and over 50's to keep fit. Pilates is a low impact gentle form of exercise, ideal for older age groups. Many medical practitioners agree that joining a Pilates class is one of the best ways for older adults to stay mobile, and flexible. Pilates improves balance, thereby reducing the risk of falling, and can help alleviate other medical conditions such as back pain.

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